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Setting the Right Financial Goals

The first thing you need do is to define what you want to accomplish financially. What are your financial goals? Since you already have your own unique circumstances and aspirations, your financial goals are also unique to you. Start off by watching our video on how to establish good financial goals and then you can create your own goals.

Now it's time to write down your own goals. And, yes, take the time to actually write it down even if it is just a note on your phone! Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, and time-oriented.

Core Value #1: Take Responsibility for Your Actions

If you have been unsuccessful in achieving a financial goal in the past or if your progress towards accomplishing your goals has been very slow, you need to change your financial habits. As you have probably already experienced, changing habits does not come easily. In the Money Managed Method, we help you improve your financial habits by showing you how to renew your mindset about money. If you begin to view your life and your money differently, soon your actions will follow suit.

How do you begin to take on a new mindset about money? You need to establish a set of healthy values to live by. Once you establish healthy financial values, you will find that your financial behaviors naturally begin to change for the better! That's why we have created 5 core values that we will introduce to you throughout the Money Managed Method. These core values are intended to help you view both your finances and your life in a new way and helps you develop the financial habits you need. By implementing these values in your life, you can expect to make better financial decisions, enjoy your money more, and also decrease the time and energy you spend worrying about money.

The first and, for many people, the most important core value is taking responsibility for your actions!

Now, below your financial goals, write down the next steps you will do to take responsibility for your actions in regards to your finances.

A key next step is making a firm commitment to complete all 5 sessions Money Managed Method program and giving it your best effort. The Money Managed Method will guide you step-by-step to take full control of your finances and create an attainable plan to accomplish your goals. Lock in your commitment by clicking the link on the top right of this page to get the full program right now!

Here's Why You Need a Budget

There are countless reasons people don't have a budget. But the truth is that there is no good reason not to have a budget, even if you are a billionaire! If you do not live within a budget, not only are you wasting money, you are also missing out on so many awesome things your money can be doing for you. We'll explain why in this video.

Are you ready to make your own budget? It is actually really quick and easy with the pre-made budget template Money Managed has created! Click the link below to download it. If you purchase the full Money Managed Method program, we will analyze your budget and provide a detailed report of your budget's strengths and weaknesses and help you optimize it to best accomplish your financial goals!

BONUS VIDEO: How to Manage Money in Relationships

This is all of the Money Managed Method we can show you for free 😭

If you continue, a you will receive an analysis of your budget that shows you how to optimize it to best accomplish your financial goals! Plus, Money Managed will create a personalized get-out-of-debt plan for you, show you how to start saving lots of money, and provide a personal finance analysis that shows the right next steps for you! You will have your very own money management roadmap!

You've already completed 15% of the Money Managed Method! In just 4 weeks, you could be taking control of your finances, saving tons of money, and getting out of debt ASAP.

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Here is the Money Managed Method syllabus!

The Money Managed Guarantee

If you complete the Money Managed Method and have not taken control of your finances, we will refund your money!

You have literally nothing to lose but so much to gain!