Take Control, Finally

Whether you are managing money or embarking on a long sea voyage, you must know three things: your destination, the path you will travel, and what to do when you face rough waters. When it comes to managing money, far too many people just push out to sea hoping for the best. If that is how you approach your finances, at best you're taking a very inefficient route to your destination or, at worst, you are headed directly into a storm. You can save yourself from years of pain and regret by taking control of your finances now. Money Managed walks you through each step needed to give you full control of your money and, in many ways, your life.

Sailboat Top View
As you take control of your finances, you will:

Pay your bills on time,
all the time

Never worry about missing another payment. Stop wasting money on late fees. Always have the money you need when you need it. Kiss credit card debt goodbye.

Have a rock-solid plan for your finances

Stop feeling overwhelmed, worried, or uncertain about the future. You will have a crystal clear plan for HOW to accomplish your financial goals. Even better, you will know WHEN they will be accomplished.

Make your money work for you, not against you

Stop feeling trapped by bills or debt. Begin to use your money to free you from your problems, protect you in the future, and ultimately multiply itself to build you a solid nest egg.

No longer worry about money

Does spending money stress you out? We will pinpoint the few items that are actually causing a problem so you can freely spend on everything else stress free.

Build better financial habits

Chances are there are some old, unhealthy habits you need to break. We will show you exactly what they are and how to replace them with good financial habits that will benefit you the rest of your life!

Understand how your finances actually work

See for yourself how your lifestyle is impacting your finances. Chances are you are doing great in many areas but adjusting one or two things will make a big difference.

Start with the basics

Step one is to renew your mindset about money. We will show you a fresh, simple way to view your finances.

Step by step guidance

Money Managed lets you move forward at your own pace. We will guide you step by step to implement sound strategies for managing your money. The most financially illiterate will not feel lost, and others can move faster if they want.

Expert analysis

Money Managed analyzes your very own finances (without collecting any sensitive personal data) to highlight key areas that need your attention. We will clearly show you where you are doing well and where you need to make a change.

Get the perfect money management plan for you

Here's how Money Managed helps you take control:

We work with you to create the perfect plan for you. You will have clear next steps, an attainable goal, and a timeline for when you will accomplish it.

Are you ready to take back control of your finances and your life?