It's Time to Show Your Money Who's Boss!

Our Mission

Money Managed will help you take control of your finances once and for all!

How We Accomplish Our Mission

Money Managed created an online program that uses financial training, effective money management strategies, and personalized analysis to show you, step-by-step, how to improve your finances and accomplish your financial goals.


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We create personalized reports that analyze your very own finances and show you how to accomplish your own personal goals.


Our program walks you through every small step needed to get your finances on track.


The tried-and-true money management strategies you will learn can help anyone improve their finances!


You can optimize your finances at home or anywhere you can connect to the internet


If you do not LOVE Money Managed we will refund your money!

*For a full refund, you must complete the program


Money Managed analyzes your very own financial situation and creates personalized reports that will bring clarity to your finances and show you how to improve.

Here are a few examples of what you will learn in your own personalized reports:


Learn how to optimize your budget for the lifestyle you want

Pinpoint exactly where your financial problems are coming from

Discover how to save more money with your budget

Identify the changes you must make to accomplish your financial goals

Visualize your finances with charts and graphs

Find out exactly how soon you can get out of debt

Learn multiple options for paying off your debt and choose the one that is best for you

Use our checklist of everything you should do to stay on track with paying off your debts

Our program is designed to support you until you are 100% debt-free


Determine how much you should save to meet your retirement goals


Learn how long can your retirement savings may last

Discover how large of a retirement budget you can afford

Find out how early you can retire

Learn how to increase your retirement budget



Everything is included for this one low price!


*Installment payment plans are available!

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About The Creators

Meet Chris and Courtney Castillo. Chris has a background in Finance and Courtney in Education. Together, they created Money Managed to be your personal guide to help you take control of your finances.

Using easy strategies covered in the Money Managed Method, Chris and Courtney saved $1,500 per month by cutting out wasteful spending and another $2,000 per month by increasing their income. During their first 5 years of marriage, they saved more money than either of their parents had saved during their first 25 years of marriage - all without sacrificing the lifestyle they wanted to live!

Chris and Courtney are passionate about helping others solve their financial problems so they can stop stressing out about money. They created Money Managed to help you pinpoint your own unique financial problems, show you how to overcome them, and build good financial habits that pay dividends for the rest of your life!

Frequently Asked Questions

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We Believe in Money Managed and We are Ready to Put Our Money Where Our Mouth is!

If you complete the Money Managed Method and do not love it, we will refund your money!